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Peter Buchsbaum | Allied Mortgage Group | Branch Manager Bala Cynwyd, PA

My Philosophy

I believe that everything we do is about relationships based on principles of honesty, integrity and ethics. After all, a relationship we can trust is the best investment we could ever make.

Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over 40 years, I specialize in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks County Mortgages in Pennsylvania, as well as southern New Jersey Mortgages. Let’s take the time to go through all of the Mortgage options available to find the best choice for you.

Allow me to help you turn a house into a home.

Mortgages offered in PA & NJ

Allied Mortgage in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey offers Adjustable Rate Mortgages, FHA Mortgages, VA Mortgages, PHFA, Home Construction Loans or HELOC, Reverse Mortgages and Home Refinancing among other Mortages.

Allied Mortgage Group | Philadelphia, PA | Mortage Services

Mortgage Origination serving the greater Philadelphia area, Philadelphia suburbs, and South Jersey from our Allied Mortgage Group Office in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

FHA Mortgage

The FHA allows for less money down and more seller assist in an effort to keep a borrowers out of pocket expenses as low as possible.

FHA Home Loan Blue Bell PA

VA Home Loan PA

VA Mortgage

The VA Mortgage in my opinion is the best loan on the market for Pennsylvania and New Jersey Mortgages.

Home Equity Line of Credit | HELOC

They are available on investment property as well as a primary residence. They can be a great way to manage your real estate asset.

HELOC Home Equity Line of Credit Blue Bell PA

PHFA Home Loan Blue Bell PA

PHFA Mortgage

This is the perfect loan for the borrower that just does not have the money needed to buy a home.

Home Refinancing

Everyone has a different need in today’s refinancing arena. If your current rate is higher than 5% you may save money monthly.

Home Refinancing Blue Bell PA

Reverse Mortgages Blue Bell PA

Reverse Mortgages

What they can do is allow for the borrower to live in their home with no mortgage payment.

Definitely Recommend

Peter Buchsbaum | Allied Mortgage Group 225 E. City Ave, Suite 102 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Peter was great! He was able to get my loan application to closing in 17 working days, with only two for Christmas holidays, great stuff!

Anne Russell

CPAG INC | Refinance


With bond yields rising, this would be a good time to refinance your residence mortgage. Give Peter a call. Generally, a 1% decrease in your current rate is worth refinancing but each case if different. Full Disclosure: CPAG has no financial arrangement on mortgage loans through Allied Mortgage Group.

George Lucianni
Capital Planning Advisory Group

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