Stand up and be heard. Tell your attorney general where to pay it!  I challenge all of you to send the attached letter to your respective Attorney General. This is not a PAC or a lobby group. This is not an attempt to raise money. This is a simple grassroots effort to make a change. There is a bundle of money sitting in your respective states waiting for someone to tell the attorney generals where to spend it. I recommend that we have them spend this money to help keep people in their homes in an effort to stabilize the values in the communities in which you live and serve.

Tell your attorney general to spend the “real estate” money they got from the $25 billion settlement on real estate by providing funds to the Home Owner Emergency Mortgage Program (HEMAP). HEMAP was the benchmark program for the country in an effort to keep people in their homes to help preserve values. They ran out of funding in July of 2011.

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  Below is a petition to reach the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General. If you are a resident of PA, I urge you to sign it.  If you live in another State, please find your Officer of the Attorney General listed at this page and reach out to them with our letter ready made for you.

  To use our petition below, one must only enter your email address and Name in suggested areas. The rest will be automatically generated for you and sent to the PA Office of the Attorney General. Thank you for taking the time to help our community.

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