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As I begin my third year as a sponsor of Athletics at La Salle University I take this opportunity to say a few things that I have learned. Three years ago this seemed nothing more than an interesting advertising campaign. It has since morphed into the best decision I have ever made. My association with La Salle has changed my world and my way of thinking. From the new President of La Salle (Colleen Hanycz) to the basketball coach (John Giannini to my direct contact (Tim Brennan) to the players, the students that I meet throughout the year everyone seems driven to excel. That drive to excel is however not at the expense of all else. In fact I have found that everyone is the definition of Lasallian Education. That’s correct “an environment committed to excellence…a community of teachers and learners…inclusive.”

I have learned that you cannot not have true teachers if you have no learners. So I wanted to say THANK YOU for showing me the perfect educational environment. I am proud to associate myself with this incredible program.

Go Explorers!

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