Real Estate News Montgomery County PA

No doubt about it. Everyone loves a bargain. How exciting would it be to find a treasure at a flea market? Buy that painting of dogs playing poker to find out later that there was a priceless masterpiece underneath it. We are all conscious of price and we all want something for nothing.

However, shopping fo a bargain is not always appropriate. When seeking child care you don’t look to the cheapest option first, but rather the best care for your child. How many of us choose a doctor by looking for a discount provider? We abandon our search for a discount when the service we are seeking is for important issues such as our children or our health.

When seeking a provider for the important services we need, it makes sense to consider the quality of the service first. That would seem especially true when we  weighing options regarding the most valuable asset you own-your home. Whether buying, selling, or financing this asset bargain hunting may not be the best decision. For example selling your home for $350,000 paying a 6% commission will earn you more than if you sold your home for $345,000 paying a 5% commission. Having an “Advantage Loan” may carry a higher interest rate but a lower payment than your typical loan.

The best bargain you can hope for is a qualified professional to show you all of your options so that you can make an informed and educated decision.

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