My clients, friends, and many blog followers know that I’m in the business of facilitating homeownership – not only for those confident about the process, but for those who are concerned, have fears, or have been turned down as well. I’ve been told  many times I am the only person who has been willing to help.

The newest program I have to offer supports that mission: Gateway Funding has recently announced its pride in presenting Gateway’s Homeowner Protection Program.

Are you or someone you know hesitant to look into buying a home due to fear of making mortgage payments in the event of future unemployment? If so, you are not alone. In fact, research shows that 60% of today’s potential homebuyers are with you.  While it’s sad to me to admit that fear is a decidedly founded one these days, I’m happy to tell you the above program helps provide relief for that fear.

For years, Gateway Funding, one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the United States, has been “opening doors to homeownership” for thousands of potential homeowners. By offering this program, we are now even better prepared to open more doors for borrowers by offering free home warranty protection and free job loss protection. You read that right, a one year home warranty and job loss protection are available free to anyone who secures their home mortgage with Gateway Funding.

Dubbed “The Global Unemployment Protection Plan,” the program protects homeowners if they experience a loss of employment, providing the borrower with job loss protection that will pay up to 3 months of mortgage payments (not to exceed $1,000 per month). Gateway Funding is also the only mortgage company that offers a one year home warranty with every loan, adding protection against unforeseen repairs.

Please call me for more details to this free program as well as its perks, guidelines, and restrictions. As always, I am happy to help assist your goal of homeownership into reality.

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