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How to Right Side Up if you are Upside Down!

This past weekend I spent time with some very special people from Right Side Up. The list of members included Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and two of his “constituent advocates”, two counselors from Bucks County Housing, the “credit doctor” from United One Resources, and out team coach Kathy Gentner from Keller Williams.

I mentioned all of the participants because in particular the members from Bucks County Housing and Congressman Fitzpatrick’s office spent their personal time helping promote our effort to assist homeowners.  A special thank you to all of those who participated.

I am often accused of being angry in how I express my opinions about the current state of affairs in the housing world. I would like that description to be interpreted as “passionate”. As I live and work in a community of people I am increasingly passionate about how we all exist. I am a product of the 60’s and I believe we all need each other as we slide down the banister of life picking up little splinters along the trip.

The afternoon events were an open discussion as to how to help people who are “upside down” in their homes. This term is in the news almost every week. There are places to go and get help. The group mentioned above, Right Side Up is a group of community conscious likeminded people trying to provide the homeowner with a resource center.

That being said, there are solutions to the problem that we all are currently facing. I seriously mean “all”. As members of the communities we all live in real estate plays a huge roll. We all need a place to live. If you own a home or rent a home we need the values to stop falling. To do that we need to stop the foreclosures. A simple case of supply and demand but on steroids. Foreclosures breed more foreclosures. This is no longer a matter that we can blame on “irresponsible” borrowers as the banks have sold us on. The banks need to step up. Remember us we propped you up with our tax dollars at the beginning of this “crisis.”

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