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real estate reality radioFor 30 minutes every Sunday morning from 5:30 to 6:00 on WPHT 1210 am Vince and I look forward to sharing with you some of the issues we see every day.

Face it. If we believed everything we heard or read none of us would never even think of buying a home again. The news has been nothing but negative about real estate values across the country. The next 30 minutes is our opportunity to dispel the myths associated with the real estate landscape in your local area. Within every marketplace there are obstacles and solutions on the path to tremendous opportunities. Vince and I believe that most people are looking for practical advice.

The Real Estate News this week has been limited due to the government still reeling from the Fiscal cliff non-negotiation. The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) came up with new rules for “qualified mortgages”. Not much of a change from where we were but some clarification. As I was reading the new rules I had to laugh. The CFPB only wants mortgages given to people who: (1) have income and assets sufficient to repay the loan; (2) can document their jobs; (3) must be able to pay their other bills as well. There was more but I was laughing too hard to type. The biggest part of the new loan is that the banks can no longer be sued if they stay within these guidelines. C’mon mann. New Home Builders stocks soar as there seems to be a building bonanza. Lennar reported profits that quadrupled in the last quarter of 2012. While Lennar and others are looking up KB Homes who caters more to first time homebuyers was not so lucky. Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve President urges Congress to get rid of the “debt ceiling”. According to Mr. Bernanke the ceiling is an “arbitrary limit”. He can mail his request to the fat chance department. His argument was the only argument from a government employee that actually made sense. Not raising the debt ceiling is as if a family said “we are spending too much, let’s stop paying our credit card bill.” His point was that raising the debt ceiling was not an okay to spend more. He agrees that we need to cut spending and increase revenue.

This week we are fortunate enough to be joined by Tom Kalejta from Kalejta Financial Management. Tom has been an adviser since 1995 and founded Kalejta Financial Management, P.C. in 1996. He works with people everyday discussing aspects of their financial lives to help them reach their financial goals and dreams. With all the talk recently about the effects of the failed fiscal cliff negotiations and the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations we thought it would be a good idea to make a plan. Who better than a financial planner to make a plan? Please tune in to what Tom Kalejta has to say about planning in todays ever changing world.

Please join us Sunday Morning at 5:30 am on WPHT 1210 am for an honest assessment of the markets in your area.

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