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Hello, and welcome to Real Estate Reality Radio. The most important half hour of radio every Friday from 9 to 9:30 on WBCB 1490 am. Thank you for joining us. For those of you who are new to the show I have spent the last 40 years in the real estate industry both as a realtor and a mortgage banker. The show is dedicated to dispelling the myths associated with Real Estate and finance in your marketplace.

Within every market there are obstacles and solutions on the path to tremendous opportunities. I believe that most people are looking for practical advice. Please feel free to call 215-740-8999 or visit petethemortgageguy.com.

Please join us live on the web at www.wbcb1490.com or on your FREE app Tune In Radio from 9:00am to 9:30 am every Friday.


Last week we were in open forum again talking about reverse mortgages without our reverse mortgage expert.

This week’s news was mostly about the new Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon and the Olympics. There was however some interesting real estate news hidden by Jimmy and the Olympics. The big news in Real Estate has been the Housing Market Index and Housing Starts. They both came in lower than expectations. Blame the meteorologists again as apparently this is all weather related. The next shoe to fall is the existing home sales data also expected to fall. If mortgage applications are any indication these too will come in light. This is neither great for Wall Street nor main street.

Today we are joined by Bill Mulhern a long time real estate professional who is peering through a different pair of glasses than Eddie and me. Bill teaches realtors for the National Association of Realtors as well as the broker of record for Remax Affiliates.

Please join us live at www.wbcb1490.com for the open discussion about the opportunities that are available to many who may not know they are there. You cannot get the answer to a question you have never asked. We are here to help answer the questions.

Each week we discuss the myths of the mortgage market. It is not about rate. A higher rate with no mortgage insurance may provide a lower payment.

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