Featuring Brian Meara the Short Sale Stallion


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So last week we discussed real estate tax appeals with Alison Tulio with Midlantic Tax Solutions.  This week was full of great current events: Home Prices hit new Post Bubble Lows . The main challenge for housing continues to be foreclosures and other distressed property sales, according to Pat Newport, an analyst for IHS Global Insight. Sheila Bair begs the question; Is the Fed Feeding a new Bubble? Sooner or later, the bond bubble will burst. History has shown that a structurally weak economy combined with a fiscally irresponsible government propped up by accommodative central-bank lending always ends badly. Absent a change in policies, a toxic brew of volatile interest rates and uncontrollable inflation could define our future. Brian Meara of Bormio Properties is a leading short sale specialist that is made up of two divisions. One sector works with homeowners of properties in pre-foreclosure and/or with their real estate agent. The other sector specializes in the sale of properties in pre-foreclosure. We work with homes that meet our criteria, regardless of their value or location. We will also acquire properties that we have determined to be an attractive acquisition for investors or buyers looking for a primary residence.

Today we have the opportunity to spend an hour with Brian to learn more about how he assists real estate agents and potential home buyers navigate the “short sale” market. Bormio Properties assists homeowners by negotiating down the liens that have been placed on their home. We work with home owners who owe more than their home is worth in their particular real estate market. In parallel, we assist in locating a buyer for their property. It creates a win-win situation for both parties by presenting the homeowner an option before their property is foreclosed upon, and by achieving the criteria of the buyer.

They work with Realtors to facilitate the process by taking away the work of dealing with lenders. They help to put their clients’ best interests first while at the same time increasing their commission on each deal.

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Each week we discuss the myths of the mortgage market. It is not about rate. A higher rate with no mortgage insurance may provide a lower payment.


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