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Hello, and welcome to Real Estate Reality Radio. The most important hour of radio every Friday from 9 to 10 on WBCB 1490 am. Thank you for joining Vince and me. For those of you who are not familiar with the show I am the guy with a bow tie and a bit of an attitude and Vince is the fun affable best friend. Our show is dedicated to dispelling the myths associated with Real Estate and finance in your marketplace.

Within every market there are obstacles and solutions on the path to tremendous opportunities. Vince and I believe that most people are looking for practical advice. Please feel free to call 215-740-8999 or visit

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So last week we were we were joined by Lori Papenella from Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce. This week had some interesting current events. Will the Mortgage Deduction survive the fall off the Fiscal Cliff? With both sides of the isle looking for tax revenue the mortgage deduction is fragile. While the deduction itself seems to benefit the upper middle class more than anyone else closing the deduction could raise revenue $100 billion by 2014. I thought the savings was greater but studies show that for the average buyer earning less than $40,000 the savings is $91 per year. Where have all the First Time homebuyers gone? In October the number of first time buyers dropped to 34.7% (the lowest level in three years). There are a plethora of explanations from too much student loan debt to jobs that pay too little to mortgages are hard to get. Personally I think there are a lot of young educated people that have for the past 5 years only heard news that the value of homes keep falling. Why would they jump in? Home Prices after the Fiscal Cliff! While it appears that home prices may have turned the proverbial corner Fiserv does not expect the next year to be anymore than a 0.3% increase overall because two thirds of the country will see prices fall. They do belive the values will begin to heat up again in the fall of 2013 and the increases should be in the plausible 3.4% year over year range.

Today Vince and I are fortunate enough to be joined by Dana Santangelo of Germantown Title. Germantown Title Company was founded in the Germantown section of Philadelphia in 1960. In 1974 GTC was relocated to Norristown, and has been in its current location since 1976.

GTC’s most valuable asset is our staff. GTC has a dedicated, knowledgeable staff that has, combined, over 85 years of professional title experience. We will guide you through the closing process with both professionalism and courtesy that is second to none. GTC is knowledgeable and well-versed in even the most obscure title matters. GTC and its staff receive continuing education and training, and are up to date on today’s rules, regulations and available technologies.

GTC values and treats our clients like family. We pride ourselves on quality, personalized service. We will work tirelessly to get the job done quickly, professionally, ethically, and always with a smile.

Recently I overheard Dana’s father (the company’s founder) ask her how she got my business. Her smart-aleck answer was “my good looks and charm.” And while that may have been the hook to get me in the door Germantown has kept my business because they (the entire staff) are the very best in the business.

Please join us live at for the open discussion about title insurance.

In combination with CBS and WPHT 1210 am we have also been fortunate enough to have been asked to write some articles in “Local Living Magazine” to explore some of the questions you all ask us and the answers we provide. Look for your latest issue this week.
Each week we discuss the myths of the mortgage market. It is not about rate. A higher rate with no mortgage insurance may provide a lower payment.

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