LaSalle University Basketball Explorers

LaSalle University | Peter Buchsbaum

Last night was an opportunity to visit the greatest basketball venue on the planet to celebrate 60 years of a great Philadelphia tradition. Paying homage to some of this city’s best players. My only disappointment was not seeing my old friend and mentor Eddie “the shot” Stefanski. As I have mentioned many times I am 5 feet 6 inched tall so playing the game was not something outside of my driveway that was going to happen. However what I have seen coach Giannini do with so little is to get so much from my beloved Explorers. All of the players should  revel in the fact that they give more each game than they have. That drive is only achieved from the top. Hats off to the coach for doing way more than coach X’s and O’s. John Giannini is the consummate teacher and a leader of men.

So yes, on the scoreboard at the Palestra a basketball game was lost. What was the bigger lesson, should not be lost with the disappointment of a win loss record. The best mentors are capable of getting more from less and John Giannini certainly got more from less. So Explorers hold your heads high. You are learning lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom. I personally enjoy your effort each game I attend. Thank you for the most fun I have had in years without breaking a sweat.



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