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Stony Brook Seawolves

I am taking a break from my usual real estate blog to talk about my true passion. Baseball. The College World Series begins Friday June 15th in Omaha NE. For me this is typically the best time of the baseball season. This year is however a little extra special. This year I need you all to get behind a small school in NY. The Stony Brook Seawolves beat LSU to earn their way the CWS. So why Stony Brook? They are small and certainly an underdog. That is just the beginning. What makes Stony Brook special to me is a young man Mike Marron. Mike is the pitching coach for the Seawolves. For full disclosure I need to explain that I was fortunate enough to coach Mike when he was eleven in Little League. He helped me coach as my assistant for a few years after his time as my pitcher. Here of some of Mikes’ achievements: Mike guided the Sealwolves pitching staff to an American East 3.36 ERA in 2011 (39th in the country). The pitching staff is ranked 14th in the nation in walks per inning (2.62). One of Mike’s pitchers was drafted by the Astros. Nick Tropeano was 5th in the nation in strike outs, and 7th in wins. For more information about Mike’s achievements please follow the link to Stony Brook’s site.

I am asking all of my readers get behind Stony Brook and help them win more games. Selfishly Mike promised that if he is interviewed on ESPN that he will give me some of the credit for being the coach he is today.

Good Luck Mike and the Stony Brook Seawolves.



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