What Came First, Wages or Profit?

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Trickledown theory my rear end. Cut taxes on corporations and the savings will flow to the workers? Seriously? Just look at recent history and stop answering the questions based on your parents’ politics.
In the most recent quarter corporate earnings were up 18.6% from a year ago. That means that the after tax profits were the highest percentage of GDP in our history. All the hoopla maybe overshadowed by the equally astounding report that wages have fallen to their lowest percentage of GDP.

I am a capitalist, so profits are good but not solely at the expense of workers. Simply cutting your expenses is not a viable way to build a business. Workers need to make a living to buy the products these corporations make. If we cut the workforce to make more profit soon there will be no reason to make anything as there will be no one to buy what we make.
This not about left or right. This is simple math. How have we become an all or nothing society. There needs to be a happy medium to everything we do. This is not just cut or tax anymore.

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