LaSalle University | Peter Buchsbaum


What I learned in a loss!

I need to preface this by telling you I am 5’6” tall (or short depending on perspective) on my best day so we can safely assume my playing career was not long. I love college basketball and this city has a plethora of great talent. Last night I was fortunate enough to watch my favorite college team play in the basketball meca of basketball arenas (The Palestra). They played a top tier team (Miami) and they were soundly beaten. But back to the title…

What I learned? I learned that our coaches never stopped teaching. They coached throughout. I learned that our young men (Explorers) never stopped trying. I learned that this team has heart. All of what I learned keeps me coming back to games.

I hope that the loss was a positive lesson for the young men that played their hearts out last night. I would probably make a lousy coach because while winning is way more fun it is not just about winning or losing. It is about who you are. As I remember the coach once saying when all else fails fall back on what you know. What these young men showed me is they know how to fight until the last moment.

Thank you all for the great effort!

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